What does my session fee include?

Your session fee includes the time and awesome inspiration that goes into in creating your images, both during the shoot and the post production for the retouched images you will order from in your sales session.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! You are welcome to bring a friend along, and they can be in some of your photographs, although the focus will be on you for the bulk of the photos taken.

What about my parents?

Your parents are very welcome, in fact it is preferred if one or both of them come along.

Do you offer hair and make-up services?

Yes! I have several very talented people who can be booked for your session. An additional fee is applied, and the feeling is it was always worth it!

What is the sales session for?

The sales session is a separate time we book to look at your images together. It is usually within a week of your photo session. I will help you and your parents make some decisions about the products you want and what is best for your photos. As well, you can have a close look at the studio items available and ask any questions you have.

How much will my finished photos cost?

There is no minimum order, so you decide how much to invest in your images. Print packages start at $325. A typical purchase for our clients including wall portraits and an album is around $850, but what you buy is always up to you!

Do I get facebook images?

You will receive social media sized images you can share and brag with of each image that is ordered during your sales session.

Can I buy the cd?

In short, no. Digital images are tricky things (don’t get me started on colour calibration!). I am committed to providing beautiful portraits to you and your family in a finished form you can enjoy immediately and forever. I have chosen professional print and product lines with exceptional colour and quality not available at a consumer level. To ensure the quality of my work for you, I ask that you trust my knowledge in materials and design. After all, you want your images to be as stunning as possible, right?